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 Becoming a Certified Vampire Guild

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Becoming a Certified Vampire Guild Vide
PostSubject: Becoming a Certified Vampire Guild   Becoming a Certified Vampire Guild Icon_minitimeFri Jan 29, 2010 6:55 pm


Here are the simple steps for you to become a certified VAMPIRE GUILD.

FIRST, register using your real name or nick name. Users using code names would be deleted without the consent of the user. We want to build a group here so it's better to know each other well. And trusting us with your REAL name is the first step to achieve that goal.

SECOND, after registering using your real name, you don't need to activate your account anymore. Just log-in immediately and presto! You're now a member of our Homez. But take note, just a MEMBER. Not a Guildians.

THIRD, if you want to be a part of our Guild, just join in our group 'GUILDS' to be found on the usergroup list on the navigation bar. Just click 'SUBSCRIBE' and the Admin will be the one to activate it. Being a GUILD member gives you the opportunity to have a FULL ACCESS on our Homez. In order to activate your account, be sure to PM the Admin and send some basic information about yourself.

FOURTH, if you're only a normal member [ member who doesn't belong to any group ] , you can still wander in our Homez but there are categories and thread that are unlocked.

FIFTH, if you want to unsubscribe on our Homez, just PM the Admin and tell your reason for doing so.

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Becoming a Certified Vampire Guild

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